"When I was in college, you know I had my big hair, and this is when they were really huge as the Jonas Brothers — I think the television show was on — and there was a joke where people called me the ‘Bonus Jonas’."
— Darren Criss (x)
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a thin girl sings a song about how sexy she is, about how men always want her, about how men find her body sexy, and y’all are like “YAAAS!! QUEEN!! SLAY!!!! THIS SONG MAKES ME FEEL SO GOOD!!!”

but a fat girl sings “boys think fat bodies are sexy” and y’all are all like “Whoa. whoa. This is really heteronormative and is all about male gaze! Why can’t you be confident without relying on men? This is the opposite of body-positive! I dont like this at all!”


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#but ehat color are my eyes really


Twitter reacts to the Michael Dunn sentence today. Dunn was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

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When your Bath & Body Works store tells you they have three wick Winter Candy Apple and Frosted Gingerbread candles so you drive all the way to Appleton and they only have 4 oz candles


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bring it on


bring it on

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More Teen Wolf inspired designs I’ve been working on, this time necklaces (see the earrings here). I’m developing some more designs for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that I’m hoping to debut soon, and I’d love your feedback on any and all of it.

Arrow & Silver Bullets (currently sold out, but I’ll be making more as soon as my supplies arrive) | Darach | Emissary | Werewolf Hunter | Bloody Arrows

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just a reminder: we’re two periods away from 2014.

you couldn’t just say months you had to measure time with your menstrual cycle

fUN FACT. the earliest form of a calender that’s ever been found was to keep track of an ancient person’s menstrual cycle. ppl with vaginas invented time. there is a reason that months are about the same length as the time between periods. that is all.

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The hardest man in the restaurant business and he uplifts kids

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